When you decide to have a stern face always, your maid runs from you. However, been approachable means that she is always happy to come close to you. So, you need to make sure that is done right. Whenever your 菲傭 (Filipino maid) realizes she can confide in you, she feels at home. That way, she serves with love. Whenever she does something you do not like. Make sure you tell her immediately. Do not keep in inside of you. Doing that will make you sad and that is always the beginning of problems. When you tell her, you get it out of you.

That is always important. If the maid makes a mistake, have things explained to her in a calm way. Raising your voice will just scare her off. That doesn’t help at all. The 僱傭公司 (Employment Company) makes sure a service is rendered to you. So when there are complaints from their maid with evidence, it doesn’t help you at all. Do not shout at her. Give her some time to get settled with the duties you have given her. That will help you. Always make sure she is given some hours in the day to rest.

A worker who is given the right time to rest is always productive and adjusts better. So, do not overwork her. Make sure she has the right amount of rest, particularly at night and on off days. When she is happy through right treatments she gets, you will have no problems. However, when she is over stressed, you will have troubles. Remember, 外傭 (Foreign domestic helper hiring expenditure) doesn’t mean disrespect. Children will always follow what they see their parents do. Make sure you respect your maid and that will make your children respect her too. When you respect your maid and treat her right, she will do the right jobs always.

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