The computer is the most popular and useful device that are used in a workplace. Today computers are used in every office to store data and files. Unlike traditional working system when paper files are used to store data and information. Today data stored digitally. And with the growth of Internet, every work had done online. People also store their personal information on their computers. Official information is also stored in a computer. If someone hacks the computer, then severe loss should occur to the company. Therefore it is necessary to secure computer from Hackers and Virus. So it should be safe to use the computer. block websites is a good way to save your computer from intruders and hackers. Before start blocking one should know how to block a website on a computer. Like most people using Windows OS computers, they should block websites from Windows.

Some steps to be followed to Block Websites on Windows
• Open My Computer and search ‘’C:” drive and find “Windows” folder in C: If you don’t find Windows folder in C: then look for it in another drive folder.
• Find the “etc.” folder in your drive and find a host in this folder.
• Open the “host” files with notepad. When you open a file, you will see lots of code, and at the end, you see local host. Do not change any code.
• After the last word that is local host press Enter. And you will be switched to the next line.
• Block website by writing “” followed by the website URL. Do not add HTTP:// to the website URL.
• If you want to add more sites than hit Enter to go to the next line. Write again “” followed with the URL of next website.
• Once you were done, Click on File and Save the Code.
Now close out the browser you opened and then again reopen it. Block Websites in Windows is a good way to protect your computer. It is simple, easy and also free. You need not download or purchase any additional software.

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