One problem which people tend to face when the SD card in their phone starts malfunctioning is to find ways for the purpose of data recovery which was on the SD card. It might so happen that you have plugged in the memory card into the computer and you find that you are not being able to open any of the files.

Losing files can be pretty devastating
Well, this is a very devastating moment as most of the files might have been important and essential, documents which you have spent hours on end working on.
SD card recovery can be easily done
The SD card might also consist of precious pictures or any particular memory of a person or an even which is of great importance to you. However, you have nothing to worry because recovering files is possible and thus you can still get back all your important files.
Make a search of all the files in the recycle bin
The primary method of SD card recovery involves looking for these data and files in the recycle bin. You can also make a search in your computer and there is a chance that you might end up finding some of the copies of these folders in your computer itself.
It takes more time to read files which are larger in size
In case the SD card contains files which are huge in size, you should wait for quite some time, giving the computer adequate amount of time to read these files and if you still don’t find these files then you can also check whether you have shared these files with someone else.
If you are unable to find the files in the computer, then you can make use of the software applications which will help you in the retrieval of your data and file recovery.
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