Pregnancy can be a taxing time for your body due to the hormonal changes that occur and the extra burden your body has to bear. For some women, aches and pains associated with pregnancy start from the very first weeks. Prenatal and antenatal massage therapy has been used for a long time to alleviate the aches and also for relaxation. However, some people argue that a pregnant woman should not get a massage. These are some of the common reasons given.
One of the reasons is that some massages trigger pressure points. Trained massage therapists are aware of certain pressure points in the ankles and wrists that usually cause stimulation to the pelvic muscles which might cause early labor. Avoidance of intentional massage of these pressure points is important therefore for a massage therapist. A woman who has had pre-term labor or has had Braxton-Hicks contractions should tell the therapist so as to completely avoid these trigger points.
Another reason given is that a woman in her first trimester should avoid having a prenatal massage Singapore. Due to the high incidences of miscarriages in the first trimester, many people are wary of getting a massage during this period. This may be because of the sensitive pressure points that when massaged may bring on complications. However, if a skilled prenatal massage therapist is used, this will not be a problem. The other reason is that during a massage the body is getting rid of toxins and therefore may induce a miscarriage. However, the removal of toxins that a massage induces is actually good for you and the baby.
The Risk of Pregnancy massage tables is another concern for pregnant women. There are some spas that have a massage table with a hole through which the belly can fit. However this might not provide adequate support for your belly and may cause your stomach to dangle causing discomfort. They are dangerous as they put pressure on the uterus. Most professionals recommend that a prenatal massage be performed when the woman is on her side to avoid any discomfort. You should ask your massage therapist which position you will be laying in before you go in for a massage. click here for more information Singapore beauty blogger Ju Ann

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