truvada is a drug to help prevent people from getting infected by the HIV virus as well as to help in treating the HIV positive patients. However, truvada tenofovir, like any other medication requires being taken following a proper routine and dosage.

Recommended Dosage
This drug is used to treat the HIV virus in patients weighing more than 77 lbs. and works fine for both full-grown adults and pediatric patients as long as the doses are taken according to the weight. Hence the dose varies between adults and children. Adults need to take one pill a day containing 200 mg of emtricitabine and 300 mg of tenofovir, while pediatric patients should opt for medicines with a lower dosage.
In the case of children weighing lower than 77lbs. the dosage of the pill varies, and hence a physician should be consulted first. If one misses a routine dose, then it is better to take the missed pill as soon as possible as long as it is not very near to the time of the next day’s dose. It is all right if you miss a dose one day rather than being overdosed due to the intake of two pills a day.In the case of overdosing immediate medical attention is needed.
Suggestions while taking Truvada
• Truvada tenofovir is an oral pill that needs to be taken at a particular time every day with or without food.
• While taking truvada Australia or anywhere else as prevention from being affected by the HIV virus, you should be 100% sure about being HIV negative.
• When you buy truvada, you should keep in mind that other medications may hamper, nullify or react badly if consumed along with truvada tenofovir. Hence a complete medical history needs to be provided to the health care provider before you start using the drug.
Truvada along with safe sex can work wonders in curbing and preventing the HIV infection.

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