If you are using online poker to play poker then you should know its rules and regulations. Here we would like to draw your attention towards M and confront the Q factors. Hold’em poker tournament is quite different from the other games. In order to survive in the game you need to enhance your stacks. And in these types of cash games if you are able to maintain the stacks then you will not win but you won’t lose either.

The M factor was first coined by Paul Magriel
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This is a condition in which your stack decreases plus you don’t get any types of playable cards. If M decreases, then you should take decisions in such a way to stop your exit from the game. M offers an easy and fast way to calculate the stack size. As M changes, you change your strategy accordingly. There are M-zones which tell about the range of M and its strategy. M ratios are noted by Dan Harrington.
1. When M>=20, GREEN ZONE, as your chips are reserved you are free to play the games with any strategy.
2. 10≤M≤20, YELLOW ZONE, you can’t play freely as blinds are going to catch you up.
3. 6≤M≤10, ORANGE ZONE, Stack reduces and hence you have limited freedom.
4. 1≤M≤5, RED ZONE, you should take steps cautiously.
5. M≤1, DEAD ZONE, this is the final zone in which no one wants to come.
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