Popular manufacturer of supply and performance frizione rinforzata(Reinforced clutch clutch kit include: Sachs, Center force, Exedy, valeo etc. These different types of kits can be useful in garage when your vehicle gets repaired and available through dealers auto parts branch as well. For the concert of the car driver, there are special kits available containing superior friction materials, stronger springs and more accurately as stock clutches. The stock Acura clutch kit or BMW kit would be adequate their respective requirements. The clutch kit consists of: clutch frictional plate, clutch pressure plate, pilot bearing or pilot bushings.

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Advantages of frizione rinforzata:
Having highly qualified frizione rinforzata you may recognize that nothing will go wrong. In any street when you ride. After market clutch are designed exclusively and uniquely to satisfy the requirements of the clutches and it standard level to fill up the bearing sizes. Because of this reason you may need to purchase the cluthes along with the idea and along the quality of the clutches. And it is possible to advantage coming from obtaining the proper and highest level of dynamics to make sure your journey start exciting.

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Friziona Sachs performance- key features
The high performance organic clutches plates from Sachs are direct replaced for an OEM clutch plate and has higher quality friction surface when s them to handle up to 40% more torque. The makes they perfect for the contest cars where original clutch plate are regular. The clutch plate has sprung center to dampen the trembling between transmission and circuit or engine. For these clutch plates they operate at maximum torque capacity they should make use of Friziona Sachs Performance clutch over. There are some of the key features. They are:
• The performances of Sachs clutches are directly replaced.
• They have higher torque capacity
• It is ideal for torque engines.
• For the best results make use of the Sachs clutch covers.

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