There are many agencies in Singapore that charge very low fees and provide domestic helpers who are very reliable. The Singapore maid agency understands the needs of the domestic helpers also who come to Singapore to look out for work and provide them training.

It is important for an employer also to get enrolled in a crash course to learn how to integrate the domestic helper in your family. The course is very beneficial as it guarantees friendly relationship between the maid and the employers during 2 years of employment. Home-based training is provided to the maids and which is followed up by counseling and consultation.
Direct Hire Maid

• People in Singapore even opt for direct hire maid from other places like Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Philippines.
• The working lifestyle in Singapore is very fast paced, and it is difficult for working mothers to take care of their children.
• The reason for hiring the maids directly is the cost of hiring these maids is lesser and is recommended by a known person.
• Other maids who can be trusted and have been working in houses from some years recommend these maids.
• Some employers feel that it is better to direct hire the maids rather than walking into an agency which employers have no information about.
• There is no need to read the bio data of the hired maid, as the personality of the maid can be known.
Work permits Renew
It is very important that the employers renew the work permit of these maids 6-8 weeks prior to the completion of their term online. There are certain steps that need to be completed, and these include extending the security bond of the domestic helper, checking your quota and medical insurance of the domestic helper. The Maid agency in Singapore assists the employers in finding a reliable helper and giving them peace of mind.

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