Instagram is one of the quickest growing and strongest ways now, to market products. An estimated74% of consumers are influenced to make purchases according to social networking. With the recent boast of 400 million users per month of Instagram, prospective new customers for your brand are simple to capture if the system is used by you right. One method to use Instagram’s huge marketplace to your advantage is through instagram food influencers (also called Instagrammers) — entertainers, fitness expert, foodies, bloggers, fashionist as, and more with followings in the millions. Connecting with one of these influencers can make it possible for you to target particular groups of consumers in ways that are significant. Read on to learn more about ways to make use of this resource that is excellent to build up your brand and boost sales!

Why Influencer Marketing on Instagram?
Influencer marketing is fast becoming one of the quickest growing channels to reach consumers via social networking, beating other strategies like affiliate marketing, display, and paid search. Recent studies reveal that companies earn an average of $6.50 for every $1 they investon influencer marketing. Influencers on Instagram are not the same as those on FaceBook or Twitter because pictures and videos on Instagram are about real encounters and lifestyles. Instagram Influencers have large followings — occasionally in the tens of millions — and these audiences are attuned to exactly what the influencers are doing, saying, enjoying, and posting about and engaged. Pairing with instagram food influencers in your market enables you to instantly tap into a huge group whose interests align with product or your brand. When done right, your company is promoted by Instagrammers in ways that feels organic, not compelled. Incorporating your brand into their expertises motivates audiences to get services and the goods they see woven in the lives of they people they admire and follow.

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