Your studio microphone is being bought by the first exciting part of being a voice over artist. However buy just any old mic and do not get caught up in the second, you need to finish your due diligence. There are a large number of microphones that are different from several reputable companies, but where does one begin? There is Neumann, Rode, Sennheiser, Blue, Behringer, MXL Electro Voice, AKG, Shure, Samson, CAD, Nady only to name several. Would you like it to be unidirectional unidirectional? What about a dynamic mic, or a condenser mic? There are a lot of choices out there and understanding what is right for you depends on the manner in which you would like to make use of the microphone. It all looks daunting, so… let us review the procedure I went through.

I knew I needed a condenser microphone using a cardioid pattern meant for vocals, after carrying out a little study. Now sure, that narrows down the list of microphone but you still have hundreds to pick from. My subsequent step was my budget. I needed to spend no less than $100 but no more than $350. I listened to voice samples posted online and went hunting for home made reviews together with the list narrowed down. And that was it! My research was done and the EV Blue Cardinal was bought by me.
The Electro-Voice Blue Cardinal is a microphone that is somewhat hidden. It’s sold by Electro-Voice Blue but designed. The decent price tag of it is reached only as it’s assembled in China, however do not let that mislead you. Simply since they saved money on labour and parts does not mean they compromised in quality. Blue designed the mic to join the functionality of a studio microphone that was modern but having a vintage flare. It is a great mic having a completely operational mount that swivels in most ways.

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