This article will talk about the value of coating canvas printed on wide format inkjet printers like the Canon iPF, Epson Stylus Pro, and HP Z series printers. The advantages, approaches, and kinds of coatings will be analyzed.

Advantages of coating canvas

Once somebody is buying a cotton canvas roll print for their home or office, they’re paying a high price for a superior product. Taking the extra step of using a protective coating is always recommended particularly if one considers that it simply adds pennies a square foot into the entire production price. A protective coating may alter the end of this canvas and protect it from UV light, atmospheric contaminants, along with the scuffing or scratching which may happen when handled improperly.

Most inkjet canvases come in one of three finishes – matte, satin, or gloss. Those people printing canvas may print into a matte canvas and then use a satin or gloss finish protective coating to achieve the desired end. Similarly, users of a gloss canvas can employ a satin finish to decrease reflectivity.

The biggest advantage of coating that an inkjet canvas would be protecting it from UV light and atmospheric contaminants because both may have adverse outcomes. UV light can lead to a print to fade prematurely while atmospheric contamination, such as ozone, can give rise to a canvas print or alternative inkjet prints to yellowish in a really brief time period.

Strategies for coating canvas

Canvas may be coated in one of 3 ways – having an aerosol spray, rolling or spraying on a liquid coating, or even employing a liquid coating machine.

With an aerosol spray can be extremely simple. An individual would just must obtain a product such as Hahnemuhle Protective Spray or ClearJet Fine Art Spray and spray on the canvas using two light coats having adequate dry period between applications. The disadvantage to using these kinds of products is that they’re typically solvent based so that you want to either use them at a spot with ample venting or outside. They’re also typically more expensive than other products which may be obtained in quantities such as a gallon.

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