It’s necessary to do yearly chimney cleaning to maintain you home healthy and protected from fires. It’s ideal to inspect your chimney a couple weeks before winter. Wood smoke left in your chimney walls may make creosote build up that may be a dangerous fire hazard. It is possible to inspect your chimney in your to assess if you want to get it cleaned. Inspect it after 24 hours in the last use to ensure staying smoke and soot will settle down.

Start by moving your fire screen to both sides and looking in your chimney using a flashlight. Search for thick black soot across the walls of the firebox. Using a fireplace poker along with your finger, assess how thick the soot is. Is it’s all about 1/8 inches thick, then you need to call in an expert chimney service company to wash it or wash it yourself if you’ve got the appropriate tools.

In case you need to purchase chimney cleaning gear, you may need brushes sticks, security eye-wear, a cubes, a broom and dustpan, a vacuumcleaner, and dust mask for your face. To learn which size of brushes you’ll need, measure your chimney flue and get the corresponding eyebrow size. Most chimney flues come in regular dimensions of 8″ x 8″, 8″ x 13″, and 13″ x 13″. Should you chimney is constructed from prefab substances, get a plastic poly brush. In case you’ve got a masonry kind of chimney, then go for cable brushes.

To get started with your chimney cleaning job, spread the tarp in the base floor of your chimney. Be sure that the trap additionally covers encircling floor regions nearby. Open the damper that’s the metallic door upward inside the chimney. It keeps cold air out if your fireplace isn’t being used. Now, accelerate your roof along with your sticks and brushes. Remove the spark arrestor or chimney cap and then assess it for climate damage. You can also take help from Chimney Repair Long Island

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