today’s world, being innovative allows you to stay active in markets that are constantly moving and changing. Innovation must be directly proportional to the speed which changes or technological advances occur.
The world of decoration does not escape this premise and that is why Generation Store Inc. is a company that invests a large amount of money in training its personnel so that they have the knowledge, aptitude, and attitude necessary to always be innovative in the design of decorations. This has made us the main provider of popular programs on the most watched television networks in the world, prestigious hotels worldwide, famous international festivals agencies that require our products and services with excellent quality, with great diversity, with the professionalism and discretion that they request from us.
We have also innovated in the way we market our products and services since from being a small chain of physical stores in the shopping centers of Connecticut, we have transformed into an e-commerce company where our customers can through the Internet and virtual visits to facilities that have been decorated by our specialists verifying the quality of them, make online consultations that will be attended immediately and may receive pre-quotes for the products and services we offer.
Our brand or stamp is to use as a basis for our decorations the
string curtains and fringe curtains that depending on the type of event will give a modernist and flexible air or an elegant, stylish or sophisticated air.

Some clients are not clear on what they want, so our specialists will be responsible for advising them, analyze their requirements and interpret their feelings, all in order to apply their knowledge, skills, and abilities in the decorative arts thus achieving the dreamy decoration what the customer expects.

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