Pre damper feature
The embrague sachs (Clutch sachs) is useful for different types of vehicles including street vehicles and the racing cars. It proves to be the intelligent option for long period. Sachs is the largest manufactures in the clutch systems. Embrague Sachs performance is the name which was best kept secret in the field of clutches. Drivers usually need the clutch which is easy to operate and the owners need the clutch which is best supportive to the bottom line and for the maintenance professionals.

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Some of the features include the optional pre damper facility, it includes the paddle configurations. Some of the well known Embrague reforzado of Sachs includes the dual mass flywheel; ConAct pneumatic and the self adjust twin Xtent. They are some of the products developed by Sachs in order to reduce the torsion vibrations and also increase the clutch life. There are many benefits of using these products. The major benefits are that the disc features the soft rate spring dampers. It provides the optimized level of softness of rate. Thus it gives the wide actuation angle and provides the best vibration control facility. Moreover, it also gives the best torque capacity.

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Protection against vibrations damage
The Embrague reforzado Sachs gives the clutch system which is protected against damaging vibrations. It also includes some of the best driveline components into it. The wear rates are reduces because of the proprietary friction facing material and it also smoothes the clutch engagements. This helps in extension of the clutch disc and also makes the driver effort to drive easy. The Fifth rivet is also used in the Embrague of Sachs which makes sure that the clutch doesn’t get damaged in case of heat situation and some stress situations. This in turn makes sure that the damage is reduced and the life of the disc is extended.

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