It is not rare to see a glimpse of the bongs for girls
Those days are gone when people used to consider smoking as a male dominated thing. The increasing rate of bongs for girls is at least denoting this factor of society. Thanks to the gender equality that evens the fairer gender are also showing the guts to smoke publicly.

Modernism or destruction of society
Well, can it be called as progress or the first step towards the misbalance of society that will be a debatable topic? You do not need to use a microscope to find out that whether any lady is smoking openly or not? Women have got the voice to show case their smoking capability in front of everyone.
It is all about your outlook
No matter how much progressive the society is, there will always be few people who will act as moral police. Is it possible to control so called those bad women who all are trying to spoil the social structure? When you are not sure enough about the final result what is the point of teaching lesson to them who all are not even ready to listen to your advice?

Few points should not be forgotten
• In the era of gender equality, it is not possible to prevent a lady from practicing what she wants to do.
• That is why matters like bongs for girls also can be taken lightly means not considering it as a harmful event.
Just try to be the way you are
Well, controlling yourself is fine, but that should come from your inner side. Never get manipulated by anyone who wants to project that how harmful this bongs for girls are in reality. Listen to your inner voice like a matured lady.

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