In the present era, everyone uses the laptops and personal computers to store their personal information and valuable information such as bank details, financial documents, etc. This is the safest way to store data and files because no one can access them without your permission. But one problem is that when you delete the data or critical information, it will delete from the folder but present in the hard disk. The third person can easily recover your data and access it without permission. Thus, if you want to secure the personal information then permanently delete files from the system.

When you make a folder in the computer and store the data, it will occupy some space. This space will not clear when you delete the files and then with the use of the recovery software the third person regain the data. Thus, it is very essential to permanently erasefiles from the hard disk. It will secure your data from the other person, and no one can access them.

How to permanently delete files
Most of the people don’t know how to permanently delete files ? They think that it is not possible to delete the permanently and if it is possible, then it will do by the computer professional and experts. Yes, this is true, but you can do this with the help of the internet. Watch the videos on the internet and follow the process to delete the files. There is much software available to delete the file. Select one of them and download it, after downloading installs it in the system. Then select the files which you want to permanently erase files. Know some software:
• Eraser
• bit riser
• wipe file
• privazer
• Free easer
• Files shredder
Download and install any of the software and permanently delete files from the system.

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