Recent developments in the fields of artificial intelligence has triggered the development of an all new gaming world characterized by the presence of variety of small – big, easy – complex and multi categorized games. These games can be played across different operating systems and can help the user to find loads of entertainment packs just by playing these games.

It was a Swedish Game Developer Markus Notch that recognized the first mover advantage to design, develop and create a gaming platform too easy and simple for the users to play games online deriving great sources of entertainment. Markus Notch entered the gaming world by the creation of a gaming platform commonly known as Minecraft with much noise to shake its counterparts’ gaming platform bases. Minecraft was then a simple construction game with 3-D blocks that was much liked by the users worldwide and this earned Markus Notch much desired positive commentary.
But later advancements in the technological fields required Minecraft servers to go up in the numbers so that more users can derive entertainment by playing these games. Also the monotonous game play required new textures to be added in the game to attract large amount of traffic over the site.

Way outs
With ease of technology, servers like Minecraft pocket edition server list >, one of the bests of its own niche has served the cause of Minecraft for establishing servers that could provide a platform for large amount of users to just register themselves and play games by just logging in and derive the easiest ways to access entertainment. Another difficulty has been knocked down by Minecraft Skyblock Servers as it supports variety of game play mode too developed by Minecraft itself. Thus it has been the combination between Minecraft and Minecraft Skyblock Servers that has served the entertainment issues all around the world.

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