You might have noticed these days that the craze and demand of the game called fussball is increasing very fast. Many of you might not the meaning of the game even. But many are playing this game. They are madly in love with games like this. This game has made them crazy enough. People are playing games like these without getting the rules and tips. The one most common misconception for the game of fussball is that people often think that it is similar to or it is the same football. But this is not true.

The games are totally different. They both have different rules and tips and methods to play them and win them successfully. This misconception needs to be made clear that the games are not at all similar. Don’t confuse the names and create misconception like these. You must know the fact the fussball is commonly called as table – soccer. It is not played as the football or soccer. It is not played on grounds or fields with the maximum people in your teams. It has different rules to be played. It has different methods or measures by which a goal can take place or a foul can take place. The rules and regulations for both these games are totally different.

People often confuse the name of it with the game of football. They often think that both have same rules and regulations and if they know to play one game, then easily they can win another. But this is not true undoubtedly. As both are totally different form one another, they aren’t played similarly. They need different tricks to win. So, if you are a true fan of fussball or if you actually want to win this then you need to get into the rules and regulations.
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