Robert was a sharp and cunning man from a family with deep roots in business and this helped him in becoming one of the most successful businessmen and lawyer at the same time. This combination helped him in establishing himself in the world. His mind with business helped him build up a fortune and his career in law helped him in putting himself in the right circles.

Robert was born in Los Angeles in 1944, his parents were of an Armenian-American descent and both of them had a very extensive background in business and were one of the famous businessmen in the area. This helped Robert Kardashian to gain an extensive knowledge into the workings of a business as well as how to conduct the various activities to become successful.

His involvement in the family business helped him understand the basics and the advances matters related to the business and very soon, he managed to start up his very own recording label company called ‘Radios and Records’ and it was not long before it became a success, very soon he had famous artists lined up and a fortune that began building up under his control.

Despite the enormous success his business enjoyed, Robert Kardashian and his parents decided to sell the business but made a fortune in the process as Robert made his way into the law field with his very own firm. Success followed him here too as he participated in the Orenthal James trial and managed to successfully have James acquitted of all charges and this made him famous.

Despite all the success he enjoyed and three marriages and four children later, Robert died battling a very serious illness in 2003. All his children went on to become celebrities. click here to get more information rolan bolan net worth.

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