When you need to take a short vacation or you need to go on an overnight trip or maybe go for a weekend getaway, most people are faced with the choice of whether they should go with a leather bag or should they take a nylon bag along.

There are different advantages and reasons for choosing a leather weekend bag, leather duffle bag or even amen’s leather weekend bag. These bags look good – well, to be honest, nylon bags look good as well. However, leather bags are more durable and strong and when they have a good finish to them, they look extremely stylish.

• The nylon bags on the other hand are made of polymers and are extremely flexible and they are much easier on the pocket. For this same reason too they are also very lightweight as compared to leather bags.
• Leather bags though are strong and they resist scratches as well as scrapes. The bag lasts longer– in fact much longer than nylon bags.
• These also protect the contents of the bag more than nylon does.
• They also are practical and stylish and always are in fashion.
• When you carry sharp objects, the nylon bag is definitely not meant for you. Leather on the other hand puts up a stiff fight against these objects.
• Nylon bags do not come with strong pockets, handles or good quality zips and that decreases the life of the bag.
• Repairing of nylon bags is not worth the trouble and expense. However, leather bags on the other hand can easily be fixed.
• All that is needed of leather bags to last is to just fix it, polish it and you can then enjoy the bag for years.

Man is normally known better by the accessories he possess and for that reason alone, leather bags are preferred.

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