Train turntables have existed ever since railroads are in life, so you might choose to incorporate an HO scale turntable for your HO scale railroad design. These accessories are extremely necessary once you have several tracks conjoining in 1 area. Though they were initially constructed to turn steam motors, a number of them are utilized to reverse diesel engines too now.

In case you’ve got a bigger design you may also need to think about incorporating a “roundhouse”, that’s the round building where railroad locomotives get serviced, or placed. The locomotives get into the roundhouse using a turntable that rotates into a locomotive up with a particular drop or opening at the roundhouse, so that it may get serviced undercover without obstructing movement at the railroad yard. Alright, now that we’ve got that clarified, let us go back to the topic of turntables, and examine a few options.
Bachmann turntables are very popular with lots of amateurs, since Bachmann is one of the significant manufacturers of model trains and accessories. If they already run Bachmann locomotives, then there’s virtue in sticking with the exact same manufacturer to ensure compatibility. Although in saying that, a great deal of design railroader’s mix and match brands with no problems, so it frequently boils down to individual taste.
If you wish to Remain with Bachmann, then they have an HO scale aerodynamic turntable which Includes the following:
* Directional control switch plus a gear drive to easily direct your train from 1 track to another
* 16 different monitor rankings for the train to be booted on
* Turntable adjusts to all the 16 places to make switching from 1 way to another easy
* Model maintenance construction included
* Adaptable to other monitor systems, but functions best on Bachmann E-Z Track
If you’re searching for a more detailed HO scale turntable which fits together with your train collection, then you might locate that the Walthers HO Scale Cornerstone “Built-up” 90′ Turntable w/DCC a much better match. You can find more information About this turntable set here at Pick My Turntable.

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