It is a common mistake to not to use different words of the English language due to lack of knowledge about the words having different meanings. Even before, it is their lack of knowledge about the existence of the word itself where people have to think about whether the word so mentioned exists in the English dictionary or not. The lack of knowledge about the words can harm the person concerned for the reason that he may use a simple level of English language in his daily life conversations with different persons. The use of simple language words shall not impress an opposite person resulting into the loss of expression before another person who then determines that the former one is short on vocabulary and cannot express his thoughts in words. Thus, the people shall have a sound base of vocabulary so that such situations can be escaped easily.

But how shall the vocabulary be increased with simple techniques? The answer to the question can have different forms as considering it the best to read newspapers, journals and articles in order to learn the new words to the memory, and enhance the writing skills in order to let the words retain in the mind. However, it is difficult to spare time for writing practice daily and hence, the matter of learning vocabulary is not paid attention too.

But what happens when learning vocabulary becomes an easy process with the help of smart phones like the game of pictoword where the pics shown during the game play resembles a word in the English vocabulary and hence, it has to be identified. Due to this reason, the pictoword cheats are being looked for to have pictoword answers for level 70 and pictoword answers for level 70 at ease, and help themselves learn new words and enrich the vocabulary.

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