Whether you want to sell your property or buy a new one, hiring the right real estate agent Singapore is crucial. These people lend their hand from showing the property until the property is handed over by the buyer to you. More importantly, these people play a crucial role in the negotiation process and in preparing the paperwork. These people will carefully check the property papers prior to selling to the potential buyers. Few of the tips one has to embrace to find a trustworthy real estate agent Singapore include

Do an extensive research: You need to do research for the agents who are specialized in selling or buying the properties in your locality. With many different real estate agencies, you need to choose the one that is well-established and has a proven record in showing the properties as per the customer requirements.
Look for the agents in your locality: You need to choose the agent in your locality rather than hiring someone who stays far away from your place. The agents who are in your locality will better know the properties that are for sale in your locality. These people assess the value of the property and help you find the potential buyer who is willing to buy the property in your neighborhood.
Comfort is important: You need to hire the agents with whom you are comfortable to work. It is crucial for you as a property seller to be honest with the agent. So, you need to hire the one who is friendly and humble to have an open communication with them.
Market knowledge: The agent will give you a clear picture on the value of properties in your and your neighborhood areas. If you have a requirement of buying a home closer to educational institutions, department stores and other amenities, then you need to tell them your requirements clearly. These people will filter the properties and bring you the buyer who exactly is looking for the properties similar to the ones you are selling.

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