Subtitles are captions which are displayed during a cinema at the bottom of the screen which translates the dialogues. It explains what is being told in a film or television picture. It’s a handy tool to understand the foreign language. It also helps in clarifying what is being said on your television screen. One finds them at the bottom of your screen, and it appears along with the onscreen dialogues. Now a day’s more movies and television shows come with these subtitles.

Benefits of subtitles:
• Helpful tools for deaf viewers: Subtitles was first introduced to aid people who are deaf or hear less. It offers them an opportunity to watch movies and TV shows by reading alongside.
• Better comprehension: They are very useful for online learning. It helps people whose native language is not English. He may not be able to understand English at a fast speed. By reading the below dialogues in, he has a better understanding of the content.
• Good in a sound sensitive environment: With the use of these subtitles or captions, viewers can watch videos and audios without sound. If one is at noisy place or in a crowded train, he can still understand the video by reading the subtitles.

• Translates foreign language: These are the best tools that easily translate foreign languages to the language you can read. If you don’t understand the language of the audio, subtitles will easily guide you in translating them in the way you understand.
• Wide viewership: Translated videos with subtitles have some viewership than videos without captions. With this, even a good foreign language video becomes a hit. One can relate to its content.
Today even on the internet one finds foreign language videos being shown with subtitles. It facilitates easy understanding to viewers from across the world. If you want all to understand your video this is the best tool to use.

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