signboards are a board which displays a name, sign or logo of a product or business. It can be a notice board or a name plate outside houses. Their main function is to attract public eyes. They can be boards which contain names of shops, business firms or houses. Nowadays there is a wide verity of signboards to choose from. They may not only contain text but can have signs also.

Functions of signboard:
• The main function of any signboards is to provide information to the general public. It must be such that anyone can read and get the information required. It can be a text, graph, map, sign or any name. They must make sense to the person reading it.
• They might also provide directions on roads. They may give important directors to the drivers. It may guide a person in choosing a route for his destination.
• Signboards can create safety awareness. Traffic signs and regulatory signs prevent potential health and safety problems on the road. E.g., go slow work in progress. But one needs to follow these signs.
• They function as a piece of identity to residential houses, hotel rooms, and shops. They act as a unique identification or your houses. They form a part of your postal address. They can be in the form of numbers or alphabets. They can be names to houses.
• Sign boards may act as an advertizing tool they help business firms gain recognition, and create the brand image for their product. For this attractive boards are put up. People identify the companies with their sign boards. Again they may act as low-cost promotion for its product.
Above are the functions of signboards. But in certain cases, it is a basic requirement. They come in various size, shapes, color or signboards with lights. Its cost may vary as per its quality.

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