Minecarft is the 2D version game which was introduced by Markus Persson in December 19, 2011. It is the game which is played in online. It is very popular game, for the gamers who loved to play game. This game is played through online where many people can play together at one time. One can play this game in Minecraft Servers hosting, or private server of the individual, or local computer. The specialty of this game is that people from various part of the world can participate in this game in one time. Thus in this way communications among various people increase from all over the world.

The motto of this game is to break and place block. In the initial stage, players built the block and save their buildings, monastery etc. and when no of players increased they together create many new things such as buildings, and many wonderful and innovative things.
The game is mainly played in developed countries. it is seen that server of this game is found in all developed countries like north America, Australia, Africa, Saudi Arabia etc. The popularity of this game increases as this game run in Minecraft Server hosting which allows the players to communicate with other players through internet. Thus if any problem arise the players can easily solve it down themselves by communicating among themselves via internet.
Another aspect of increase of popularity of this game is that this game runs in Garry’s mod server hosting which is treated as a greatest advantage in this game. Garry’s mod has a many features such as fast free downloading, active graphs, full access to server files, DDoS protection , automatic server set up etc. These features helped the players and give huge opportunities in game.

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