In this modern age, we all use the internet in our daily life; without internet may be we cannot survive. There are so many search engine are available on the internet, you can easily collect all information through the internet. From the internet you can easily collect connect on any topic, this is one of the best ways to increase your knowledge. So many people don’t know about content locking don’t worry I will tell you in a very simplest way, there meaning are exactly same how it sounds. When any company or any sites, upload any type of blog article or any other content on their website, they locked the content with some software.

In short, this lock has the ability to create a semitransparent frame behind the page, or you can say it over the page. In which all visitors can able to see the content, but the problem occurs when they cannot read the content or interact with content. The company presents a gateway that asks to visitors to choose, or you can say it fill a form and get a free one or more CPA offers. You have to be complete that form to get access to the content of complete.
There are some steps to content locking-
• They using content locking software band then they lock it
• Free offers or you can say it cool free content
• Cash with CPA offers in which visitors do not need any type of credit card and any other payment

Now come to point why companies do this type of work with their content or website. Don’t worry I will tell this is one type of advertisement in which company earns some money. This is the best method to monetize any content. This is one type of way to hold the visitors before reading content this is called content locking.

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