Sleep problems
Meditation for sleep is something which works perfectly. It is true that many people face issues in sleeping they consider taking the medicines for sleep. But in real there are number of options and natural ways in which you can easily get your sleep in proper manner. The bets manner is the meditation. There are various reasons due to which you may face the issue of sleep. There are also different ways of doing the meditation so that you get sleep.

Guided meditation
The most commonly used one is the haring meditation. It is commonly done by people. This Guided meditation is suited for anyone no matter if you are beginner or having years of experience. You have to start by lying on the bed on your back with the arms at sides. Then allow your eyes to be closed. Then you should start noticing the sound which is going outside your bed area. You may notice that a car is moving and pay proper attention to the sounds. Then allow the sound to increases and pass. You can simply consider a concept of hearing. You may notice the new sound such as the leaves moving due to wind. Move to noise and the pass when a new sound captures your mind and attentions.
With new noise you can also give the label as hearing. You can also notice that there are unique and subtle sounds which are happening like your own breathing sound. You can check that way you become sensitive when you hear the sounds and when you go close to them. If the mind is wandering or if you are drifting in thinking, then you have to simply refocus your mind on the sound which is going around you. Each and every time your mind wanders you should try and bring it to the sounds. Make sure that you don’t set the timer for the same.

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