A naturally occurring amino acid derivate, L- Carnitine is often used as a weight loss supplement. This substance plays a vital role in energy production in the body by transporting fatty acids into your cells, especially mitochondria. The mitochondria help in burning these fats to create energy for your body. While your body naturally can produce L- Carnitine out of the amino acids called lysine and methionine, it needs Vitamin C in abundance to produce this nutrient. Animal products like meat and fish are also known as good sources of L- Carnitine. This essential nutrient is not well received from plant sources thus leaving vegans and people with genetic issues prone to L- Carnitine deficiency.

Different types of L-Carnitine: As found in your body and obtainable from most supplements, L- Carnitine is a standard biological form of carnitine. Let’s see some of the types of Carnitine:
-D- Carnitine: Deficiency of its inactive presence may lead to carnitine deficiency in the human body by obstructing the absorption of its other forms.
-Acetyl-L-Carnitine: Very effective nutrient for the brain, this is commonly known as ALCAR and can be used in treatment of neurological conditions such as the Alzheimer’s disease.
– Propionyl-L-Carnitine: This is usually used to treat conditions arising from vascular diseases and high blood pressure. It usually works through production of nitric oxide to improve the blood flow in the body.
– L-Carnitine L-Tartrate: Also available as L-Carnitine liquid, this nutrient is commonly found in supplements used by athletes. It is rapidly absorbed by the body and helps in exercise related factors to treat muscle soreness and recovery.
Acetyl-L-carnitine and L-carnitine are most commonly and effectively used for generic purposes and are available in the market in the form of l carnitine liquid . However, depending on your body’s requirement, it’s best to consult a nutritionist before procuring and using the supplements.

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