It has always become a myth that the buying YouTube views are banned all around the world. This type of activity is not illegal. But you must try to avoid it because increasing the views on the natural ways is a very talented work. As you all know that to become a successful YouTuber you have to increase the traffic of your channels. This is the very difficult job because people mostly prefer that videos which already had thousands of views. So in this race, you have to create such a video that can attract many people.

What is the myth about buying the YouTube views?
As you all know that there is several of the myth revolving around the buy YouTube views and they are:
• One of the first important myths is that this type of activity is illegal.But this is not true buying the YouTube views is legal and your YouTube channel will also not get deleted.
• The second myth is that if you are purchasing your account will be banned. Your YouTube account will only get deleted when you are uploading the video in the illegal means. If your video or the channel contains some of the adulationmeans then only it will be banned.
• The third myth is that all the famous YouTubersdon’t purchase the YouTube views. There are much successful who had done this in the kickstart of their career or to increase the rank.
• The fourth myth is that all the purchasing of the YouTube views is fake.

What are the ranges of buying the YouTube views?
The price ranges to buy youtube likes and views always vary. You can get the cheap rate of the purchasing of YouTube views. Which will be all about of $19 and this type of purchasing will be last for only 3 days. In another case, if you want to go to the higher rate say of $ 169 it will be eligible only for 14 – 15 days.

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