First thing to understand is that to find most profitable stock is not an easy task. There are millions of companies that conduct business and make profits on regular basis and a lot of information is also available over the web but to find useful information out of such worthless lot requires deep analysis about the related information.
There are basically two ways to invest in stock market:*-
One through mutual investment
By self analysis of the market
If you want to invest through mutual funds then it is not a big deal. You just need to invest money and rest of the work is of mutual funds. They will analyze the market on their own and bring profits for you. In return a small amount is charged by these mediators which are called as brokerage for the services provided. They composed of team of experts in this field who are specially trained in this field.

On the other hand, those investors who make analysis at individual level need some special tools to scan what is going in the market. Reliable information about the working of the market is needed to take good decision. For that to surf the information over that the internet, referring trade journals, attending business seminars is highly recommended to them. The actual need of stock scanner arises here that assist the individual to take decision about the best stock to invest in.
The factors on the basis of which stock screener works
Stock screens need variety of information to make useful analysis which are below:-
Various interest rates in the market like Repo Rates, Bank rates, home loan rates, fixed deposit rates, saving bank rates, reverse repo rates etc.
Various economic rates like cash reserve ratios rates, statutory liquidity ratios, investment fluctuation rates etc.

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