Live Video Streaming Service allows people to go live on the internet and broadcast themselves to any audience they want and it is trending as of now. While Live streaming is fun and helpful and awesome, it’s not for everyone to use. Sounds rude, right? But it is true. Nowadays you will find anyone going live on the internet for petty reasons.
Live video streaming is supposed to be used for connecting with the audience. Connecting with the audience is done for many various reasons. Let’s get to know them and let’s also find out how some people are using live video streaming.

I Just Ate My Chocolate
“I Just Ate My Chocolate” is just one example of how some smart people use Live Video Streaming Service. There is also “I’m bored, entertain me”. NO, there are just no words which you can use to describe these people.
Real Use of Live Video Streaming Service
Celebrities – Now, Celebrities have actual reasons to go live, it’s so they can connect with their fans, talk to them, so their fans can talk to them. There should be a meaning and purpose behind going live. Fans ask many questions to their beloved celebrities when they are live, and the stars answer them. Other things happen too.
Some people use live streaming to send a message of any kind. It may be social, or it may contain someone engaging in an illegal activity.
Some use it to spread awareness about things like no smoking, corruption, No racism. Awareness messages done live are efficient and work almost every time.
To Suicide, just kidding. But it does happen though. Some active people use live streaming to you know, kill themselves. They look for help when live or just tell people something before dying. People need to stop doing that.
Well, there you go. These some valid points for you to realise and help other people understand the Live Video Streaming Service is not for everyone. It should not be used unless you have a good reason and a purpose behind it.
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