Many countries around the globe require their highest ranked leaders to release yearly reports that disclose their recent tax returns, income salary and most importantly, personal net worth. This is for the purposes of preventing conflicts and corruption. For example, the tax return for Barack Obama in the year 2012 showed that together with his wife grossed more than $608,000. This income mostly came from his $400,000 as presidential salary as well as book royalties. But what people may find this shocking is that the same system is available in Russia and that includes the current president, Vladimir Putin.

According to Celeb News, when the Russian president revealed his estimated net worth and salary, most people thought that something did not add up with the released figures. The figures basically portrayed the President as a humble leader and a man of the middle class. But to experts well versed with the Russian politics and the government itself, they have all reasons to believe that the Russian president has used his 15 years of power to stash away an estimated fortune of more than $70 billion. This is basically a fortune that doesn’t jibe with a man considered to be humble and a man of the people.

The Celebrity Vladimir Putin Net Worth of $70 billion may not be said to be true or false. However, Putin is still serving as the president of Russian for a second term. He served from 2000-2008 still as the president of Russia, served as the Russian Prime Mister from 1999-2000. In April 2012 and in his financial disclosure, the listed official salary of the president was $187,000. Although Putin’s salary has increased by more than 50% since 2012, the salary is still low compared to the Obama’s $400,000 as annual salary of running the USA.

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